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Ability for students to coordinate with each other to swap lesson times.

Offer students or their parents the ability to op-in to a feature that would allow them to interact with other students for the purpose of exchanging their lesson times, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.

Teachers with many students are likely to encounter many requests for schedule changes in a single month's time, and it can be very time consuming to have to e-mail and call around to try and do this for students as they experience schedule conflicts or their schedules change due to after school sports activities, etc.

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    Kimberley JoeKimberley Joe shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • AmyAmy commented  · 

        I would like to have this feature. I have several students who have expressed an interest in being able to use this service. I thought that I had read that this was available, but I can't find anything about it. Is it available yet?

      • Mallory MillerMallory Miller commented  · 

        I would like a swap list my students could use that would automatically change their lessons on the calendar.

      • Nikki BurroughsNikki Burroughs commented  · 

        You recently announced the upcoming lesson swap feature. I'd really like to see that in place soon. It is one of the main reasons I signed up for MTH

      • Nancy SmithNancy Smith commented  · 

        What happened with the lesson swapping feature? Was it implemented and I missed it?

      • Angie  StevensAngie Stevens commented  · 

        We are implementing a swap option this month in my studio. Is there any update on this feature?

      • KleckyKlecky commented  · 

        Is there a timeline for when this feature will be implemented? Going into the fall, I have many parents eager to be able to coordinate lesson swaps online without interrupting my schedule.

      • RonnieAdminRonnie (Admin, Music Teacher's Helper) commented  · 

        Our new design for Music Teacher's Helper will be released later this year and include many new features as requested by our members in this forum. Some of the features are being released each month and other features will be released with the new design. We are not calling the new design 2.0, but a new version, look, and feel with many exciting features. You can read more about the monthly features released and what is to come later this year in our monthly newsletter and blog. Thanks for your interest and comment.

      • Louise JonesLouise Jones commented  · 

        I was informed the other day that MTH 2.0 is no longer being released, after months of hearing about all of the wonderful new ideas/features that were going to be included in the release. I'm really disappointed - does this mean we're going to lose lots of the features mentioned, like the lesson swap?

      • Ken RhodesAdminKen Rhodes (Support Team Member, Music Teacher's Helper) commented  · 

        Oops. In my earlier response, I mentioned a survey. This survey was talked about in a recent meeting, and I thought I saw somewhere that it had been launched.

        But to address the recent comment, yes the lesson swap would be up to the teacher to be available to the students.

        We appreciate your input, and welcome anything that will help us fine-tune our features so they provide the most value to our users.

      • Ms Kathleen WhiteMs Kathleen White commented  · 

        It all sounds good as long as it's an option to use. I don't allow lesson swapping but I would like students to he able to see my openings to schedule additional lessons or reschedule one. That would be wonderful!

      • Melanie KlarMelanie Klar commented  · 

        This is exactly what is needed. When a new student comes to my studio or an existing one wants to change times i have to email them a list of available time slots. It would be much better for the calendar to have all students showing. If a student did not opt in the their time slot should show unavailable. Also lesson swapping would be facilitated which would be great!

      • BrandonAdminBrandon (Admin, Music Teacher's Helper) commented  · 

        We can certainly notify the teacher of any lesson swap activity between students, and use an email template that keeps the wording standard. It can be a fairly automated process.

        As for requesting a permanent slot change, that's a bit more complicated, but we'll see what we can do. ;)

      • BrandonAdminBrandon (Admin, Music Teacher's Helper) commented  · 

        It's important that in doing this, we still protect the teacher's and student's privacy, but also eliminate the need for the teacher to intervene in schedule swapping. Here's one possible solution we're considering:

        1) Teacher Enables "Lesson Swapping" in Settings. If enabled, then each student can also opt in to Lesson Swapping in their own Settings page.
        2) When a student logs in, if they have opted in to Lesson Swapping, then they will still not be able to see the teacher's entire calendar, but can see only the lessons from other students who have also opted into Lesson Swapping.
        3) Student wishing to swap lessons will click one of the other student's lessons on the calendar that they want to swap with. On the popup menu that appears, the student clicks "Request Lesson Swap". Another window pops up and asks which of their own lessons they want to swap it with (a simple dropdown list of the next few upcoming lessons are shown).
        4) Once the lesson is chosen, an email is sent to the other student with the lesson swap request. If the other student agrees, the swap happens, and the teacher is notified. If the student requests swaps with several students at once for the same lesson, the first student who agrees to swap causes the other requests to be nullified.

        Would this system work well for everyone here?

      • Nancy MacArthur SmithNancy MacArthur Smith commented  · 

        This would be so helpful! The school year starts next week and I'm already trying to coordinate several lesson swaps. It would save me so much time!! Thank you for planning this change.

      • sbcsuzukistringssbcsuzukistrings commented  · 

        I love the concept of this idea! This would be the perfect answer to my scheduling hassles with parents looking for a make-up or lesson swap!

      • karine lebaronkarine lebaron commented  · 

        I need that so much.I goes with my school policy.

      • TauraTaura commented  · 

        This is a feature that I would welcome. Giving the parents and students the ability to swap times benefits not just me but also helps build community amongst my students and parents. If I wasn't being economical with my votes I would have given this five rathe rthan two.

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