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  1. Quick Start Guide 

    1. (1 of 6) Your Basic Settings
    2. (2 of 6) Creating Your Rate(s)
    3. (3 of 6) Add a Student, and Student Information
    4. (4 of 6) Scheduling a Lesson
    5. (5 of 6) Setting Lesson Attendance / Making Notes
  2. Affiliates 

    1. As an Affiliate, what happens if I change the code?
    2. Affiliate banner on your MTH hosted website
    3. My Affiliate Discount is not showing up
  3. Beta Features 

    1. New Version Feature Tutorial List
    2. How to Create Rate Packages
    3. How to Add a Student Profile Photo
    4. How to Create Separate Contact Records for a Family Under a Child Student
    5. Email Students and Other Contacts
  4. Blog 

    1. How do I request a Guest Posting for your blog?
    2. Can I Put A Donation Button On My Site
  5. Calendar 

    1. Using Calendar Filters
    2. Can the calendar sync to an IPhone both ways?
    3. Can I block dates at any time and let the calendar reflect no lessons on those dates?
    4. Can my students see other students' schedules?
    5. Clearing Events in the Calendar
  6. File Area 

    1. Using The File Area
  7. Finances 

    1. Balance Due Amount On Lesson Reminders
    2. How do I use the Studio Expense Tax Line?
    3. "Students who Owe" Report
    4. Can I charge a different tuition fee per student? It's only giving me the parent's names, but I have several parents with two students that EACH need to be charged a fee.
    5. Can I pay my account with a check instead of a credit card or Paypal?
  8. Invoice Troubleshooting 

    1. Billing & Invoicing Video
    2. Video on Using the New Invoicing System
    3. New Invoicing System Instructions
    4. Automatic invoices were not created or are wrong.
    5. Charges do not appear on Invoice
  9. Logging In 

    1. How can I change my password?
    2. Resetting your Password
    3. When I try to go to my site, I get a blank screen. What do I do?
    4. My Free Account is Disabled
    5. Parent/Student Login error
  10. Managing Students 

    1. Past lesson notes appearing in future notes and summaries
    2. Change questions on student registration form
    3. Creating Group Lessons
    4. How can I add a message to the Birthday Emails?
    5. How can I add multiple e-mail addresses for a parent or student?
  11. Miscellaneous 

    1. MTH Links
    2. Are you on Facebook or Twitter?
    3. How do I get rid of the security warning on every page?
    4. How do I hide the "help" boxes once permenantly?
    5. How do I unsubscribe from the emails you send?
  12. Mobile Apps 

    1. How to Schedule Push Notifications
    2. How To Clear Cache On An iPhone?
    3. How do I get the MTH App for my Android phone?
    4. Is there an app for my Android or iPhone?
    5. How do I import this calendar into my ipad calendar?
  13. MTH Subscription Issues 

    1. My free trial is over and I want to subscribe
    2. Sending a manual payment for an upgrade
    3. Setting up your payment with Paypal
  14. Multiple Teachers 

    1. Can I use MTH with multiple teachers?
  15. My Account 

    1. How to Upgrade (or switch) to Annual Pricing
    2. How do I cancel my account?
    3. How do I change my password?
    4. How Do I Downgrade my Account Plan
    5. How do I upgrade my account?
  16. My Studio Website 

    1. Mobile Friendly Themes
    2. Adding Google Analytics To Your Website
    3. Wrap Text Around Image
    4. Browser problems
    5. Can I insert photos in the lesson notes?
  17. New Invoice System 

    1. How To Set Up Credit Card Auto Payment Subscriptions In Student/Parent Settings
    2. Invoice Template Settings
    3. I want to change back to the old Invoicing system
    4. I want to edit a scheduled invoice
    5. Stripe Auto Payment Subscriptions For Families
  18. Paypal 

    1. PayPal "integration passing invalid or incorrect data"
    2. How do I keep my website current with PayPal and SHA-256?
  19. Student Functions 

    1. How can I pay my teacher online?
  20. Technical Issues 

    1. Customers Who Use MailScanner
    2. How to send prospective students a link to your web site via Outlook email.
    3. I am having trouble loading pages in MTH. What should I do?
    4. How Do I Redirect My Website To MTH
    5. Site is slow. Slow logging in.
  21. Video Tutorials 

    1. Understanding the Student Side video
  22. All articles 

    1. Why can't I log in?
    2. Can I use MTH with multiple teachers?
    3. How do I add a Photo to a page other than the Photo Page?
    4. Login Form Code
    5. How do I request a Guest Posting for your blog?

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