Getting Started: The Basic Walk-Through

Hi there,

We're delighted you joined our Music Teacher's Helper community!

The first step to getting started in Music Teacher's Helper is...

Setting up Your Basic Info

To start off, you'll need to get into your Settings. click on your name in the top right of the screen and select Settings.

Now that you're in the Settings area, notice that the Studio tab is selected.

This is where the basic information and settings are about you and your music studio.

The basics are filled in, (feel free to adjust your Studio Name) but scroll down to the Sitewide Preferences and select your...

  • Date Format
  • Region (Country)
  • Time Zone

And finally in the Instruments section... put a check next to all the Instruments you teach.

Don't worry if you don't have everything filled in, you can always come back here later.

When you're done, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the green Save Studio Settings button.

Now, your next important step is to... 

Create a Rate

Go ahead and click on the Rates tab at the top of the screen. It looks like this...


Setting up a rate package is easy, and it's also quite important because this is how you'll get paid for all the awesome teaching you do!

Whether you charge per lesson, per set of lessons, per week, month, or semester, there's an option for you.

Right now, let's get started with setting up an example Rate. (You can remove this later)

Go ahead and type "Intermediate Piano Student" into the Name field. For Amount, let's set it to "$200", for every "1" "Month".

Where it says "Automatically create a fee on this student's account on the X day of the month", click the calendar icon and select yesterday's date.

Finally, click the green Create New Rate Package button. 

Now that we have our first rate package set up, let's...

Add Your First Student

To do that, click on the Students icon on the left menu. It looks like this...

Let's continue with our example so you can see how easy it is to...

Add a Student, and Add a Student's Information

...which makes scheduling, communication and billing a breeze later on.

Click the + Add Student button.

Type "Susanna" in the First Name field and "Winters" in the Last Name field. Notice how the Intermediate Piano Student Rate is already assigned to her.

That's all the information needed to set up a student! That was easy, wasn't it? 

But let's see how you can...

Add Even More Information to Your Student's Profile

Click on the blue Add Details button. Again, this is always optional, we just want to show you the level of detail that's available.​

Scroll through and take a look at the type of information you can add for each student.

Other than a username or email, none of this other info is required, but it's here for you if you want to add their contact information, photo, instrument, skill level or any notes

Go ahead and add a Username, and after you scroll down click the green Save Student button at the bottom.

As you can see, this student is now in your Students List. You can change their status, edit them, or delete a student at any time.

We're almost done with this example, there's just one more step I'd like to show you and that is...

Scheduling a Lesson

To do that, click on the Calendar icon on the left menu. It looks like this...

Let's get Susanna Winters on the books: click the Add New menu button (above the top left of the calendar) and select Lesson.

Pick Susanna from the Student list or you can start typing her name and she'll come up. This will be handy when you have lots of students. 

Next, set the lesson for yesterday. Click the blue calendar icon to expand the calendar and click on yesterday's date, or you can type it in. 

Put 2:00pm for the lesson Time.

Finally, click the green Create New Lesson button when you're finished. Yes, it's that easy.

Now you should see the lesson on your calendar.

Since our example lesson happened in the past, we can wrap this up for Susanna by...

Setting the Attendance for This Lesson

Right now we're in the Month view of the calendar, there are also options to view it by Week, Day, Location, etc.

but for now, click the Attendance button. It's at the top right of the calendar.

The Attendance Button view - this is where you can quickly and efficiently mark the attendance for your students and add notes about their lesson all in one place.

If you had a smooth week and everyone came on time, you can set everybody's attendance in one fell swoop with the Set Attendance for All Events drop down menu.

Since we only have one lesson set up in our example, let's mark it individually. Attended is already set by default, so click the + next to Susanna Winters' name to see where you can type notes.


You can jot down thoughts for your own reference in the Private Teacher Notes, or write a few tips in your Notes for Student and send them in an email. No need to add any notes for this example, I'm just showing you around.

When you're ready, click the green Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Last thing I want to point out right now – notice we're back in the Month view and that Susanna's lesson yesterday is now faded and italicized. That's how you can visually see that a lesson's attendance was set. 

In the future, you'll be able to glance at your calendar and easily see if a lesson had its attendance set or not.

The ones that have attendance set will be faded like this one on the left, and the ones that haven't will still be bright and appear with normal text like the one on the right.

Alright, fantastic job!

You now know how to....

  • Set up rate packages
  • Add students
  • Schedule lessons
  • Set their attendance / add notes
That's a big chunk of your business.

If you have any questions as you continue to set up your studio, or anytime in the future, call, chat or email our support team. They truly are top notch, read every single message they get and will respond within one hour during regular business hours. 

Music Teacher's Helper was created by music teachers for music teachers - and we really care about the work we do.

We're so thrilled to have you in our community.

Thank you! 

The Music Teacher's Helper team

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