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Creating Your Rate(s)

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Now we should still be in the settings area of your account. Next, go ahead and click on the Rates tab at the top of the screen.

Setting up a rate package is easy, and it's also quite important because it’s required to be able to add students, and maybe more importantly -- this is how you'll get paid for all the teaching you do.

Whether you charge per lesson, per set of lessons, per week, month, or semester, there's an option for how you bill.

Right now, let's get started with setting up a test rate (or you can also put in your most common lesson rate you bill for).  

Let’s go ahead and put in Beginning Piano Student and let’s choose the rate of $45 per lesson. It should look like this when you're done, then just click the Create New Rate Package button.

Some other rate examples…

Beginning / Intermediate Piano - $45 per lesson

Advanced Piano - $60 per lesson

Maybe you’re a vocal teacher who also teaches percussion who bills monthly, your rate set up could be…

Vocals - $150 per month

Percussion - $55 per month

Or another option might be that you’re a music teacher at a school system and you bill by semester, your rate set up could be…

2017 Summer Semester - $300 per semester (include the start and end dates of the semester)

2017 Fall Semester - $450 per semester

The goal here is to chose a rate, or rates that will encompass the most of what you do. Because, if later, on you need to increase your rate for students, you’d only have to adjust your each rate just 1 time, and that change would apply going forward to ALL the students who have this rate.

That’s a real time saver if you have 30+ students and you only have to change a couple of rate settings for all your students.

And don't worry, you can always manually adjust a lesson fee that is a 'one time' special price.

(I don't recommend creating a rate for each student, as that defeats the time saving benefits)

When you’ve added a rate, or two that works for you, click on the green Create New Rate Package button.

Now that we have our first rate package set up, let's...

Add a Student, and Student Information

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