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Now that you've got a basic rate set up, let's get right into adding a student - this will make scheduling lessons, student / parent communication, and billing so much easier later on.

Add Your First Student

To do that, click on the Students icon on the left menu.

Let's continue with our example so you can see how easy it is to...

Add a Student, and Add a Student's Information

Go ahead and click the + Add Student button.


Type in a students name in the First Name field and Last Name field. Notice how the one of the Rates is already assigned to this student.

That's all the information needed to set up a student! That was easy, wasn't it?

But let's see how you can add even more Information to your student's profile.

Click on the blue Add Details button. Again, this is always optional, I just want to show you the level of detail that's available.​

Scroll through and take a look at the type of information you can add for each student. 

Other than a username or email, none of this other info is required, but it's here for you if you want to add their contact information, photo, instrument, skill level or any notes.

Go ahead and add a Username (this is what a student would use to log in with), and after you scroll down click the green Save at the bottom.

As you can see, this student is now in your Students List. You can edit them and add more info later as you get it. 

You can add more students here now if you want to, or you can add them later.

When you've finished, let's get right into...

Scheduling a Lesson

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