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To schedule a lesson, click on the Calendar icon on the left menu. It looks like this...

Let's get one of your students on the books: click the Add New menu button (above the top left of the calendar) and select Lesson.

Pick one of your students from the Student list or you can start typing their first name and it will come up. This will be handy when you have lots of students.

Next, set the lesson for yesterday. Click the blue calendar icon to expand the calendar and click on yesterday's date, or you can type it in.

Put 2:00pm for the lesson Time.


Finally, click the green Create New Lesson button when you're finished. Yes, it's that easy.

I know we're doing just a basic lesson set up here, but you'll also be able to use recurring options when creating your lessons to easily set up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly lessons for any range you want. 

Also, you can even just copy the lesson and paste it on the other days; all of this will make scheduling student lessons a snap. 

Now that you saved your lesson, you should see it on your calendar.

Since our example lesson happened in the past, we can wrap this up for our student by...

Setting the Attendance for This Lesson / Making Notes

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