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Now that our lesson is set up and it's in the past, we're going to set the attendance for this lesson and enter in any notes.

From the Calendar, left click on our lesson, and click on the green Set Attendance button.

The Set Attendance window will open up.

Here is where you can not only set the attendance as "Attended", but I've put in some notes for the student and parent, and made my own private note.

Since I clicked on the checkbox Send Email to student/parent with lesson notes, they will receive a copy of my notes section in an email.

When I'm done, I'll click on the Submit button to finish.

Now, if you look at the lesson (with the attendance set) on the calendar, it's slightly faded and has an checkbox to show this lesson was attended, which makes very easy to see which lesson have been attended and which haven't.

If we stopped here, we've already gotten a lot of benefits...
  • A single place for all my students and parents info
  • An easy way to enter in lessons
  • Easy attendance and lesson notes
Next I'll show you how easy it is to invoice your students and parents...

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