Charges do not appear on Invoice

1) Is the student listed as a participant on the event?

2) Is the student listed under the correct parent profile? Check for double parent/student profiles

3) If there are two student profiles (check the former list), check to see if one of the events is charged
to the 2nd student instead of the first. Edit the profiles to Smith 1 and Smith 2 to see which student is
actually listed as a participant on the event.

4) If Payments are missing check for a 2nd parent profile (Students Manage Students
right sidebar). Edit the parent profiles to Smith 1 and Smith 2 so you can tell the apart.

5) Check to make sure all charges have a date on them. “Dateless” charges will not appear on the
invoice. This is an intermittent bug on the iPhone app as well. Sometimes the payment date isn’t saved.
Open the account and flip through pages to the last page. The dateless transactions will appear at the
very end of the list (at the earliest date).

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