Music Teacher's Helper Calendar Sync Instructions

In this article, we'll learn how to add your Music Teacher's Helper Calendar to your Google Calendar. Ical, and Microsoft Outlook

(FYI - our calendar sync goes 6 months into the past and future and is a one way sync from Music Teacher's Helper to your calendar only)

To add your Music Teacher's Helper Calendar to Google Calendar, do this...

1. Log into your Music Teacher’s Helper account

2. Click on the Calendar icon on the left, and select Calendar under that

3. On the Calendar view, click on the gear icon, and select Sync Calendar (see image below)

4. A window will pop up with the web address (URL) of your Music Teacher's Helper calendar subscription feed. Click on the Copy to clipboard button

5. Login to your Google Calendar Account.

6. To the right of the ‘Other Calendar’ list header, click the down-arrow button and select ‘Add by URL

7. Paste your calendar feed URL in the field provided.

8) Click the Add Calendar button. 

Your Music Teacher's calendar will appear in the Other Calendars section of the calendar list to the left. 



To add your Music Teacher's Helper Calendar iCal

1.  Follow steps 1-4 for the Google Calendar instructions above.
2.  Open iCal.
3.  On the main menu click Calendar > Subscribe.
4.  Paste the URL in the ‘Calendar URL’ box and click ‘Subscribe’.


Add your Music Teacher's Helper Calendar to Microsoft Outlook

1. Follow steps 1-4 for the Google Calendar instructions above.

2. In the Calendar section of Outlook find the option for adding a calendar from the Internet for your version of Outlook.

3. Paste the URL of your Music Teacher's Helper Calendar in and confirm

4. Your Music Teacher's Helper Calendar will show up in the Other Calendars section


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