How do I add a Photo to a page other than the Photo Page?

While you're your doing tasks, like editing a web page, or editing an email to send, you can insert a photo using the Image button on the toolbar. It looks like a landscape photo.

Here are the steps you'll need to take... 

  1. Click on the Image button

  2. The Image Properties window will open, click on the Browse Server button

  3. The Image File Manager will open. If you see the photo you want to add, click on it and the press the Select button.

    If the photo is NOT in the Image File Manager, then click Upload button

  4. An Upload window will open. From here, either drag and drop the image(s), or click in the middle of this window and the navigate to, and select the images you want to upload. When done, click the Upload button.

  5. You'll see the confirmation that the image was uploaded.

  6. Click on the picture in the File Manager and then choose Select 

  7. Back in the Image Properties Window, choose your settings for the photo (size, place on the page) and then click the green OK button

Your image will be placed. If you're editing a web page, don't forget to save your changes.

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