Affiliate banner on your MTH hosted website

Getting an affiliate banner on your MTH hosted website: 
From your affiliate account: 
1) Log in and click on the "Advertise" tab 
2) Copy the script text to the left of the banner you would like to display on your site.  Keep in mind you want to make sure the banner isn't larger than the area on the homepage you plan to place it.  Otherwise it will get partially cut off.  This may take some trial and error. 
From your normal MTH account:
3) Login and click on the "Website" tab
4) Then click on the Edit Homepage button
5) On the left hand side of the toolbar to edit the content on the homepage, you will see button labeled "Source" - click that.
6) Paste the banner script where you will want the banner to show to visitors.  For example, if you would like the banner to be near the footer, then paste the script below all the other text you see in the source version.  
7) Click Save at the bottom
8) Preview your website to make sure the banner appears to your satisfaction and click on the banner to test that it takes  

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