Using the Attendance View on the Calendar

A great feature is the Calendar Attendance View. This allows you to set attendance for some or all past lessons at once. Plus, you can set individual group lesson attendance and leave lesson notes for each individual in a group, or for the entire group.

To access the Calendar Attendance View...

  1. Click on the Calendar icon on the left, and select Calendar under that

  2. Click on the Attendance button at the top right of the calendar

In order for the lesson attendance to be set, you must set the attendance in the drop down of each event. If most of the events have the same attendance status (such as Attended), you can set them all at once by choosing the attendance option from the Set attendance for all events drop down which appears above the list of lessons.

Setting Group Lesson Individual Attendance

If you have Group Lessons and would like set individual attendance statuses for each student, you can expand the group event and set those for the individual students; you can optionally send an email to each student and enter in personal notes as well.

(Note that only lessons in the past will show up on the Attendance page. If some past lessons are not showing up for you, you may need to change your time zone from the Settings Studio Settings tab)

When all the the lesson statuses are set, click on the green Save button at the bottom.

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