How to put a student's video from Facebook or YouTube on your website

Do you want to place the You Tube and Facebook links on your Resource page or on another page? To place it on the resource page, go to Website→ Website Pages —→ Click “edit” next to the page you want to add it on. In the editor’s window type the text you want to appear as the link such as Sasha’s Performance, and then highlight it. Click the Link button on the toolbar. In the window that comes up, paste the URL you want the text to link to. Then click Ok to exit the link box. This is way you create links for any site.

To embed a video, like the one of your student’s performance, you can go to her video on You Tube. Under it, you’ll find the “embed” code. Copy this, and then place it in the Source View of the page editor. You can find the Source view of the editor by clicking the “Source” button in the upper left corner of the editor.

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