How do I link text in one part of a page to text in another part of the page?

You can create indexes within your pages where a link can be clicked, and it will take the visitor to a specific place on the same page, by using Anchor Links.

Basically, they work like this – click the mouse on the spot in the text where you want to place the anchor, then click the Anchor tool in the toolbar (looks like a flag), and enter a name for the anchor. Then go to the text that you want to use as the link for visitors to click on, highlight that text, and then click the Link tool on the toolbar (it looks like a globe with two small circles, or ovals). Change the link type from “URL” to “Link to anchor in the text”. After you save the page, a visitor will be taken to the part of the page where the anchor is whenever they click on the link text.

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