How do I link my MTH site to my existing website?

When you or your students are logged into your MTH website, clicking on the Studio Title at the top of any page will take you to your MTH site. If you want this link to take you to another site instead, here are the steps to do it.

1 -- After logging into your MTH studio site, click on the Settings link in the upper right corner.
2 -- Click on the Website Preferences tab and locate the check box where it says, "I already have my own website."
3 -- Click the check box so that there is a check mark in it. This will open up the URL field.
4 -- Enter the URL (website address) of the site you want to be taken to when the studio title is clicked.

This will not disable your MTH website presence on the internet. If someone enters your MTH website address into their browser, it will still direct them to your MTH site, and any links you have shared will still work as normal. The only difference will be that, when someone is logged into your MTH studio site, if they click on the studio title at the top of any page, they will be taken to the website you entered using the steps above, instead of being taken to your MTH Home page.

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