How to Schedule Push Notifications

Send announcements right to the home screen of your students’ mobile device using this notification type. Please note that only students who have installed the app and accepted notifications will be present in your list.

What are Push Notifications?

Similar to text messages, push notifications are great for sending parents and students timely and relevant information, whether their app is running in the background or inactive. Push notifications are free for both student and teacher.

How Does it Work?

Students must install the Music Teacher’s Helper app from either the Apple or Google Play Store and open it once to allow notifications, but it’s not needed to be open to receive notifications.

Select the student(s), type your message, and click send!

Student Instructions for Receiving Push Notifications

Your students and their parents can use these simple instructions to start receiving push notifications on their mobile devices:

 1.   From the Left Menu, click “Student”

2.   Click “Push Notifications ” - here will show a list of students who have pending or sent notifications

3.   Click “+Send Announcement”

4.   Select Students - NOTE: Students have to have the app installed and notifications accepted for their name to show up here

5.   Enter a message

6.   Click “Schedule”

7.   Select Date and time you want the notification to show up on the student’s device

8.   Select the appropriate repeat options

9.   Save

 Your message will now appear on your student's mobile device at the scheduled time.

 If you have any questions, please let us know by emailing

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