How do I cancel my account?

First, login to your account.

Then, click the Silhouette located in the upper right corner next to your name.  Choose "My Account". Once on the My Account page click the “cancel” link located in the lower right. Type your reason for cancelling, and any other information that would be helpful for us in improving our service, and click “Submit”. Your account will be cancelled immediately.

If you are paying by Paypal, you will also want to log into your Paypal to cancel your subscription there so that Paypal will no longer send us payments. Once inside Paypal, find your subscription to Music Teacher’s Helper and click cancel.

1 – Log into your PayPal account.

2 – Click on Profile near the top of the page.

3 – Click "My Money"

4 – Click on "Update" next to "My preapproved payments."

5 – Locate and click on Cancel next to the subscription you want to cancel.

There are no cancellation fees or other charges. However, instead of cancelling, you may want to consider downgrading to a more affordable plan, or even the Free plan, so you can continue to use Music Teacher’s Helper and keep your studio website, and your existing student and billing records.

We encourage you to reach out to the support team before deciding to cancel. We are always here to answer any questions and help you run your studio efficiently.

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