Using Calendar Filters

The Music Teacher’s Helper Calendar shows all of the lessons and activities going on in your studio. But sometimes you only want to see a portion of what’s going on. That’s where filters come in handy. You can choose to see events for specific students, event categories, or locations.

 Music Teacher’s Helper helps you better organize your day to day operations by showing you only what you want to see. The “Search” option for the filters is helpful in quickly finding someone, a place, or a specific category, especially if you who have many in each section.

 The Calendar Filters are found in the right sidebar. To view and hide the right sidebar, click the small icon in the upper right corner of the big calendar.

Below the mini calendar are a search bar and the filters.

 Click on “Students” to see a list of your students. Here you can select all, none, or invert your selection.

 Removing checkmarks will remove the student from the large calendar view.

 Selecting “All” will populate all students on the calendar. Inverting will reverse the list view in the filter.

 Categories or Locations can be filtered the same way. Removing Checkmarks will filter those categories or locations out of the calendar view.

 Clicking “Edit” on any of the filters, will allow you to either edit the student, category or location as well as add new ones.

 To find items in the lists more quickly, you can type into the search box, and the items that match below will appear. Check any boxes to update the display in the large calendar. The large calendar will also update to only show those students’ schedules.

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