How to Create Rate Packages

With rate packages, you can easily charge students and update rates for multiple students at once. Set up rate packages to...

  • Bill hourly, weekly, monthly, or by semester

  • Charge for a series of lessons (a set amount for a certain number of lessons that you specify)

  • Bill up front in a lump sum or pro-rate the amount over the rate package

  • Choose to receive a reminder to reschedule a student when they are nearing the end of the lessons they paid for
All managed from one easy place in your Settings so you can create, edit and remove rate packages as needed and then assign each student a particular rate package that meets both their needs and schedule as well as yours.

Note if you charge per lesson: Use the "Lesson" option, not "Week". Week/month/semester all bill based on time regardless of the number of lessons taught within that period. But choosing the "Lesson" option will bill that amount for each lesson (or series of lessons) taught on the calendar with an attendance status that is billable.

Follow these steps to create a new rate package:

1. From the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard, click your name and select Settings 

2. Select the Rate Tab

3. Give your rate package a name, value, period and/or choose a start date. With Semester/Term, you can choose a start and end date. Start and End dates are useful in monthly billing for determining the day of the month you want students to be charged.

4. To save, select Create New Rate Package

To edit an existing rate package, scroll to the bottom of the Rates tab and click on the blue pencil icon. 

Assigning Rate Packages  

Once you have your rate package created, you can assign that rate to new and existing students. 

New Students

The rate package is assigned when creating their account. 

Existing Students

The rate package can be assigned or changed when viewing a student's profile. Select the Students tab on the left-hand side, then Manage Students and select the student. You'll see the Rate Packages option near the bottom of the first tab that shows, which is the Student tab. 


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