What are Email / SMS Templates and where are they?

Email / SMS templates are messages that are sent by the Music Teachers Helper dashboard. You can modify all templates to match your own writing tone and style.

Where do I find the templates?

  1. In the top right of your screen, click on your name and choose Settings.
  2. Go to the Messaging tab.
  3. The templates are in the System MessageTemplates tab, and the My Templates tab.

System Message Templates

The System Message Templates are default texts sent automatically by the dashboard for specific system events.

Here is a list of System Message Templates used by the dashboard, and what they’re used for…

  • Payment Notification - When entering a payment from a student / parent, you have the option to send them a payment receipt. If you check that checkbox, then the Payment Notification template will be sent.

  • Lesson Notes - When reconciling an individual event (lesson, recital, etc.), you have the option of sending the text in the "Description / Notes" field to the student and parent letting them know how the event went. If you check that box, the Lesson Notes template will be sent.

  • Lesson Reminder - If you have enabled Event Reminders, then the Lesson Reminder template will be sent to students and parents based on your specified number of days before each lesson using the Lesson Reminder template.

  • Student Welcome - When adding or editing a student, you can check a box to send a welcome email. If you do so, the Student Welcome template will be sent to both student and parents.

  • Lent Item Due - Edit the Lent Item Due template to change the message that will be sent to your students when an item they have checked out of your lending library that is coming due. It will be sent one week (7 days) before it is due.

  • Birthday Greeting - If you have entered a student’s birthday, the Birthday Greeting template will be sent to them on that day.

  • Invoice Notification - If you have checked the “Enable automatic reminders before payments are due” option, the Invoice Notification template will be sent to all billing contacts.

  • Overdue Invoice Notification - If you have checked the “Send Overdue Invoice Notifications” checkbox in Settings, the Overdue Invoice Notification template will be sent based on your specified number of days after the invoice due date.

  • Reset Login - This template text is what parents and students will see when they request to change their username and password.

My Templates

The "
My Templates" tab is for creating personal templates that you will use often - for example, a recital reminder, studio policy email, vacation detail reminder, etc... These personal templates are available in a pull-down menu when composing email to your students / contacts.  

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