Log in as a Student or Parent Directly from the Student List

Quickly log in to a student’s or parent's account so you can see what they see when they log in. This can make it easy for you to show your them how to log practice time or make an online payment to you, for example.

This way, you can see what they will see, and will be more convenient and not require you to know a student’s login information.

Requirement: The student or parent must already have a username set up. If you get a "This user has no username or password. You can not log in to this account." message, add a username to the student or parent account, and then click the green Save Student button at the bottom of the screen, then you'll be able to log in as them.

To Log in as a Student or Parent, do this...

  1. Click on the Students icon on the left menu

  2. Click on the student's name

  3. Click on the "View site as" button of either the student or parent to view Music Teacher's Helper as them.
    (If you only see a button for the student's name, this is an adult student account without a parent)

  4. Use the site as either the student or parent

  5. When done, click on the Return to my account button to go back to your teacher's account

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