Student Management Area Overview

One of the powerful features in Music Teacher’s is the Student Management Area.

To get there, click on the Student Icon on the left menu -- your list of students will display.

Here’s an overview of what you can do…

  • Create New Students

  • Edit Existing Students

  • Delete Students (We advise you to rarely use this. Better to make them Former Students as you keep all the prior lesson and financial data. Plus you’re not charged for Former Students.)

  • Email Students

  • Bulk update student Status, Rate, Make-Up Credits

  • Send login information - automatically send username and/or password for students or parents who don’t have this set up

  • Manage Make-Ups

  • View Draft Emails

  • View Sent Emails (sent by you, and by our system)

  • Search for Students quickly using the Standard and Advanced Search area

  • Sort Students by different criteria - Status, or any of the following student column fields (which can be added or removed from your student list view)

    • Photo

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Date Started

    • Billing Contact

    • Lesson Contact

    • Family

    • Rate

    • Phone Email

    • Last Login

    • Instrument

    • Skill Level

    • Student Login

    • Skype ID

    • Status

    • School

    • Receives Email

    • Receives SMS

In each Student’s profile view you can….

  • View your site as a Student or Primary Contact / Parent - this powerful feature allows you to see what your site looks like as if you’ve logged in as a Student (child or adult), or Parent. Click on the appropriate “View site as…” button.

    This is very helpful as a teacher if your student or parent is having issues with their MTH account, just view the site as them and see what they’re seeing.

  • View all the relevant student information in the tabs of this Student’s profile

    • Student Tab - all relevant student information

    • Contacts Tab -- the listing of all contacts related to this student. Click on the > to the left of each name to expand the contact details

    • Lessons Tab -- shows the historical listing of lessons with this student with all these details: Lesson Date, Lesson Time, Title, Category, Lessons Notes, Private Teacher Notes, Cost, Attendance

    • Practice Log Tab -- all the practice session listings and statistics for this student

    • Payments Tab -- Listing of all payments received for this student. Send a receipt for payment from here as well

    • Lent Items Tab -- Listing of all items lent items by this student. Mark items as returned, and send Reminders on items still due  

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