How to Customize Cancellation Policy Settings

With Customize Cancellation Settings, you choose whether to allow an automatic lesson cancellation and customize the amount of time leading up to a lesson. 

Automating cancellations that match your studio's cancellation policy will save you lots of time when a student cancels. For example, if a student cancels before your set deadline, he or she can automatically be marked absent and be allowed to schedule a make-up without needing to contact you. You'll receive a notification that the student cancelled, along with the time of their make-up lesson if they scheduled one.

Inversely, if a student cancels after the deadline, you may choose to automatically charge for the lesson if that's part of your studio policy.

To customize your settings, click on your name in the top right and select SettingsHere, you can set rules for cancelling prior to or after the lesson time.

Then select the Calendar tab.

Scroll down to the Policy settings area, and look for the Cancellation Policy section. Select the Allow lesson cancellation option and customize the policy options and policy text.

Finally, click the green Save Calendar Settings button at the bottom.  

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