New Version Feature Tutorial List

Welcome to the New Version feature list. This page includes all new features currently with links that will direct you to individual articles on how to use that new feature.

Click here if you're looking for instructions on how to turn the New Version on and off. Otherwise, check out the list of great new features below you'll get to experience and if you want instructions on how to use any of those features, just give that title a click to view more details.

The New Version Quick Start Guide:


How to Access Email Drafts

How to Send SMS Notifications to Student/Parent

How to Opt-out of Automatic Notifications and Text Messages for Student/Parent

How to Email Students Directly From the Student List With Improved Advanced Search Options 

What Are Email / SMS Templates and Where Are They?

Student Management

How to Add a Student Profile Photo

How to Create Separate Contact Records for a Family Under a Child Student

How to Login as a Student Directly From the Student List

How to Track Leads

Enhanced Student Management Area

How to Create Rate Packages

Customizing Columns That Show On The Student List

How to Bulk Update Information For Students At Once

How to Customize Cancellation Policy Settings

How to Customize Make-up Policy Settings

How to Set Default Category and Location

Using Calendar Filters

Location View on Calendar

Charging For Group Events

How To Create Custom Attendance Status

Recent Announcements

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New Icon Sets & Emailing Students in Beta Mode

Charge and Track Attendance for Group Lessons Separately, Plus More.

Instant Booking and Lessons Swapping Are on Its Way!

We're Getting Closer to the New Features!

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