How To Create An Invoice

How you select your families in creating an invoice has changed slightly.
Below is a video for your reference on how to select families.

1) Put cursor in the box for the name.
2) The list will appear
3) Choose the student or parent you wish to invoice
4) Their name will go below there with the word "remove" before it. NOTE: If you have selected the wrong student, click the word remove and it will remove the student and you can go back and click in the box again to search names.

Additionally, you can start typing a name and the list will narrow down for a shorter search.

Things to keep in mind if you're having issues...

1. If you see any entry that says "undefined" - remove that entry. This will STOP you from being able to create invoices.

2. Try refreshing your browser on the page that isn't working properly, and try again.

3. Finally, clear your browser cache as well, and try again.

Please try all three of these steps before contacting support as these often resolve this issue.

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