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  1. "Students who Owe" Report

  2. #Why was my PayPal account charged after I cancelled my MTH account?

  3. A Temporary Fix to Syncing with the Google Calendar App

  4. Accept Credit Card Payments Using Stripe!

  5. Adding Google Analytics To Your Website

  6. Affiliate banner on your MTH hosted website

  7. Android and Apple (IOS) App function list

  8. Android App is ready for public beta use

  9. Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

  10. As an Affiliate, what happens if I change the code?

  11. Fees

  12. Automatic invoices were not created or are wrong.

  13. Balance Due Amount On Lesson Reminders

  14. Billing & Invoicing Video

  15. Browser problems

  16. Can I block dates at any time and let the calendar reflect no lessons on those dates?

  17. Can I charge a different tuition fee per student? It's only giving me the parent's names, but I have several parents with two students that EACH need to be charged a fee.

  18. Can I insert photos in the lesson notes?

  19. Can I pay my account with a check instead of a credit card or Paypal?

  20. Can I Put A Donation Button On My Site

  21. Can I use MTH with multiple teachers?

  22. Can I use my own domain name for my website?

  23. Can MTH handle multiple currencies, timezones, and time formats?

  24. Can my students see other students' schedules?

  25. Can students pay by credit card instead of Paypal?

  26. Can the calendar sync to an IPhone both ways?

  27. Change questions on student registration form

  28. Charges do not appear on Invoice

  29. Charging a Trimester Fee

  30. Charging for Group Events

  31. Clearing Events in the Calendar

  32. Creating an Invoice

  33. Creating an Invoice

  34. Creating Group Lessons

  35. Customers Who Use MailScanner

  36. Customizing Columns That Show On The Student List

  37. Deleting Future Events in the Calendar

  38. Domain Redirecting and Website Integration

  39. Edit mileage on the iOS app

  40. Editing and Deleting Make-up Credits

  41. Enhanced Student Management Area

  42. Entering a Quote on your homepage

  43. Event Charges appear in the transaction log of Flat Fee Students

  44. Explanation of Invoice Options

  45. Future events showing as attended

  46. Google Calendar Sync Instructions

  47. Google Calendar Sync Is the Wrong Time Zone

  48. Google Indexing

  49. Handling Error 403 Message on Apps

  50. How can I add a message to the Birthday Emails?

  51. How can I add multiple e-mail addresses for a parent or student?

  52. How can I block out multiple dates

  53. How can I change my password?

  54. How can I change the name of my site?

  55. How can I edit a system page?

  56. How can I get MTH to send Scheduled Event emails out to the students?

  57. How can I have my site send out automatic emails?

  58. How can I pay my teacher online?

  59. How can I schedule a student for lessons every 2 weeks?

  60. How can I shrink my logo?

  61. How can I view or print my "Private Notes"?

  62. How do I add a bi-weekly event?

  63. How do I add a Photo to a page other than the Photo Page?

  64. How Do I Cancel A Paypal Subscription To Pay MTH?

  65. How do I cancel my account?

  66. How do I change a student's lesson rate?

  67. How do I change a student's opening balance?

  68. How do I change my Email Address?

  69. How do I change my password?

  70. How do I change the icon that I see on an event in my calendar?

  71. How do I charge a fee for material to a student?

  72. How do I check my payments for the past year, so when I print the report, it will show students who are no longer active?

  73. How do I check to see if an invoice was sent, and re-send an invoice?

  74. How Do I Clear Cache and Cookies From Browser or Mobile?

  75. How Do I Create and Use Makeup Lessons

  76. How do I create events for students to signup online?

  77. How do I create open time slots for my students to choose from?

  78. How do I delete a fee?

  79. How do I delete a payment?

  80. How do I delete a student and make him a former student. I do not want to delete his information but I couldn't figure out how to delete him to a former status.

  81. How do I delete a student from the Waiting List?

  82. How do I delete an event or lesson from the calendar?

  83. How Do I Downgrade my Account Plan

  84. How do I edit a lesson I've already marked attended?

  85. How do I enable Automatic Data Entry with Paypal?

  86. How do I enable push notifications?

  87. How do I get rid of the security warning on every page?

  88. How do I get the MTH App for my Android phone?

  89. How do I give my students a username and password?

  90. How do I hide the "help" boxes once permenantly?

  91. How do I import this calendar into my ipad calendar?

  92. How do I install the latest updates for the apps on my Andriod phone?

  93. How do I issue a cancelled student Make-Up Credit?

  94. How do I keep my website current with PayPal and SHA-256?

  95. How do I link my MTH site to my existing website?

  96. How do I link text in one part of a page to text in another part of the page?

  97. How do I make one payment through Paypal?

  98. How Do I Match Up the Last Names of My Students to my Parents when the last names are different?

  99. How do I move a student to the waiting list?

  100. How do I post my studio policy on my web site?

  101. How do I put a Facebook "Like" button on my homepage?

  102. How Do I Redirect My Website To MTH

  103. How do I request a Guest Posting for your blog?

  104. How do I send automatic late notices out by email?

  105. How do I separate practice times by the instrument practiced?

  106. How Do I Stop Using PayPal For My Subscription

  107. How do I turn off the automatic overdue notices?

  108. How do I unsubscribe from the emails you send?

  109. How do I upgrade my account?

  110. How do I use the Studio Expense Tax Line?

  111. How secure is Music Teacher's Helper?

  112. How to Access Email Drafts

  113. How to add a Favicon to your MTH website

  114. How to Add a Student Profile Photo

  115. How to Add Students to Your Account

  116. How to Bulk Update Information for Students At Once

  117. How to Change the Studio Title

  118. How To Clear Cache On An iPhone?

  119. How To Create An Invoice

  120. How to Create Custom Attendance Status

  121. How to Create Rate Packages

  122. How to Create Separate Contact Records for a Family Under a Child Student

  123. How to Customize Cancellation Policy Settings

  124. How to Customize Make-up Policy Settings

  125. How to Email Students Directly From Student List With Improved Advanced Search Options

  126. How to Hide the Earnings Chart from Appearing on your Dashboard

  127. How to Login As A Student Directly From the Student List

  128. How to Opt-out of Automatic Notifications and Text Message for Student/Parent

  129. How to put a student's video from Facebook or YouTube on your website

  130. How to Schedule Push Notifications

  131. How to see student schedules on your iPhone app

  132. How to send Billing Reminders to Parents

  133. How to send prospective students a link to your web site via Outlook email.

  134. How to Send SMS Notifications to Student/Parent

  135. How to Set Default Category and Location

  136. How To Set Up Credit Card Auto Payment Subscriptions In Student/Parent Settings

  137. How to Setup your Studio Policy

  138. How to Track Leads

  139. How to Unreconcile a student

  140. How to Upgrade (or switch) to Annual Pricing

  141. I already have my own website. Can I integrate it with Music Teacher's Helper?

  142. I am having trouble loading pages in MTH. What should I do?

  143. I cant log in to Music Teachers Helper on my iPad

  144. I charge Per Lesson and recently changed by fee, but the old fee still appears on the invoice.

  145. I didn't want to mark attendance.

  146. I have a parent's name listed twice. How do I remove one of them?

  147. I have invoiced a student for the month and now want to re-scheduled a lesson. How would I re-schedule without affecting the pending earnings?

  148. I made changes to a page, but they are not showing up when I go back to the page.

  149. I need to update my credit card

  150. I run a studio with several teachers. Will Music Teacher's Helper work for me?

  151. I want to change back to the old Invoicing system

  152. I want to edit a scheduled invoice

  153. ICal is no longer syncing with Google Calendar

  154. Invoice Template Settings

  155. Invoices do not have the correct total

  156. iOS App for the iPad

  157. Is it possible to have the price of Music Teacher's Helper automatically entered into my expenses category?

  158. Is there a way to remove unwanted system pages from my website?

  159. Is there an app for my Android or iPhone?

  160. Lessons charges do not appear on the invoice

  161. Locating your website with Google

  162. Location View on Calendar

  163. Login Form Code

  164. Make-Up Lesson Credits And Expiration

  165. Mobile Friendly Themes

  166. MTH Links

  167. My Affiliate Discount is not showing up

  168. My Clients are not able to open the pdf invoice in email attachments

  169. My Free Account is Disabled

  170. My free trial is over and I want to subscribe

  171. My MTH calendar does not show updates on my Google calendar.

  172. My studio logo doesn't change after I upload a new one.

  173. New Billing Cycles

  174. New calendar sync not updating in Google

  175. New Invoicing System Instructions

  176. New Version Feature Tutorial List

  177. New Version Opt-in Instructions

  178. Old lesson notes are showing on the lesson reminders

  179. Online Payment Option is not working for student

  180. Only the page I listed as 1 for my website is showing up

  181. Optimizing Your Studio's Website for Increased Exposure Using MTH's SEO Features

  182. Parent/Student Login error

  183. Past lesson notes appearing in future notes and summaries

  184. PayPal "integration passing invalid or incorrect data"

  185. Paypal Fees: How much does Paypal charge?

  186. Personal Events on Calendar

  187. Phone call for help with website

  188. Phone Support Information

  189. Removing students from the schedule

  190. Rescheduling a lesson without changing reoccurring lessons

  191. Resetting your Password

  192. Sending a manual payment for an upgrade

  193. Setting Up Bi-Weekly Lessons

  194. Setting up your payment with Paypal

  195. Simpler Process for Creating and Editing Lessons and Events Right from Calendar Screen

  196. Site has been temporarily blocked

  197. Site is running slow

  198. Site is slow. Slow logging in.

  199. Stripe

  200. Stripe Auto Payment Subscriptions For Families

  201. Submit your ideas

  202. Submitting Feedback

  203. Syncing Calendar to Outlook

  204. Syncing my calendar with my iPhone

  205. Syncing your Calendar to your iPhone

  206. The account was $0 but is now carrying a credit OR My student’s charges disappeared.

  207. The Email Students Page Doesn't Work in Internet Explorer 10

  208. Understanding the Student Side video

  209. Using Calendar Filters

  210. Using Calendar Filters

  211. Using the Attendance View on the Calendar

  212. Using The File Area

  213. Video on Using the New Invoicing System

  214. Webinars & Training Videos

  215. What are Email / SMS Templates and where are they?

  216. What email addresses do MTH emails come from?

  217. What events do students see on their calendar?

  218. What is the Maintenance Schedule?

  219. What is the maximum upload file size?

  220. What is your refund policy?

  221. When I try to go to my site, I get a blank screen. What do I do?

  222. When saving information via my desktop computer, will it later sync with the iPhone/Android app?

  223. Where can I watch video tutorials?

  224. Why can't I login?

  225. Why Don't My Invoices Show Payments Made?

  226. Why don't my students see the Billing tab?

  227. Why is my event name not showing up on the calendar?

  228. Will automatically add my students' credit card payments?

  229. Will I lose my free trial data when I start paying?

  230. Wrap Text Around Image

  231. You Can't Mix Billing Methods

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